Cash Management Solutions: Cash Supply Chain Optimization

Who are we?

Cash Management Solutions (CMS) is a global outsourced cash management provider and deliver material cost reductions to our clients via the optimization of physical cash.

We have over 20 years’ experience of managing all, or parts of the cash cycle for our clients. CMS is completely independent and rather than rely on standard forecasting techniques or basic software, we combine advanced site-by-site modeling with our team of highly qualified mathematical analysts to create maximum value throughout the supply chain.

We reduce costs, optimize cash balances and maximize availability.

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CMS are proud to partner with:

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Unique modelling

We create tailored cash forecasting and ordering solutions for global clients such as Travelex, Cardtronics, BP, DC Payments and Tesco Bank.

CMS delivers:

  • Optimized cash balances
  • Reduced Armored Transport charges
  • Lower banking charges
  • Improved MI and operational transparency
  • Process enhancements
  • Removed unnecessary administration time
  • 24 hour support
Travelex Tesco Bank Cashzone DC Payments BP Money Corp

What our clients say


“CMS has helped us to reduce costs across our store network and optimize our balances as well as increasing the transparency of our business by providing customized, high level MI reports.”

David Swann,
Pricing, Risk & Inventory, Travelex

“I've always found CMS and all of their staff to be very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful with a constantly positive outcome to any problem we have experienced. I would highly recommend CMS.”

Ian Bishop,
Commercial Manager, TUI

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