CMS vs Standard Software

We provide a dynamic cash management solution that combines sophisticated systems with expert analysis to optimise the balances for each individual site -
reducing your costs and risk.


Benchmarking your cost of cash

  • Experience has proven that CMS delivers superior results versus standard software - as illustrated in the chart, right.
  • This is achieved by having a team of experienced mathematicians dedicated to providing a bespoke service in order to drive down your cost of cash.
  • From our accurate forecasting models we actively manage the cash supply chain ensuring the optimal balance of cost versus cash availability.
Benchmarking your cost of cash
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Unique Characteristics

CMS Characteristics
  • We are able to consider the range of significant factors that impact the cost of cash (see illustration, left). Our analysts constantly monitor events, dynamically adapting forecasts, and add value by providing consultancy and proactive suggestions on improving efficiency and service.
  • We recognise that each ATM estate, and indeed each ATM, is unique. That is why we create a bespoke cash forecasting and management solution for each client. This contrasts with standard software products which tend to be generic with modular applications.
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