Cost of Cash Audit

Cost of Cash Audit by CMS

If you manage cash, chances are you are paying too much. Whether it be interest or banking charges, armoured courier and opportunity costs, CMS can help identify ways to reduce your cost of cash.

Cost of Cash Audit by CMS

If your objectives are to grow your business, free up capital, reduce time spent on administration or increase profitability, a more efficient cash cycle can provide assist in delivering these objectives.Through our extensive experience; financial institutions, ATM deployers and FX retailers are paying an excess of 25% to 50% on their costs of cash.

The CMS Cost of Cash Audit aims to take a comprehensive look at your cash supply chain and will offer recommendations for how costs can be reduced and efficiencies gained.

While some of these suggestions may include solutions that CMS can offer, there is no obligation to work with us following the publication of your report.

The Cost of Cash Audit will enable you to;

  • Understand where costs can be reduced
  • Understand how efficiency can be increased
  • Undertake recommendations to improve your cash supply chain

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