Human Intelligence

Brilliant people, brilliant technology

CMS People

Our innovative software and processes provide a streamlined, smart way to manage your cash and currency cycle. Our technology is brilliant. But it becomes truly exceptional when combined with human insight.

If you choose CMS, you don’t get off-the-shelf software. Our technology is tailored to your individual needs, customer behaviour and site-specific business data. But most importantly, it is backed up by a team of highly skilled Consultants, Analysts and Mathematicians: all experts in cash behaviour, all working to optimise every part of your cash cycle, for each of your sites. 

Algorithms and formulas can only do so much: they can’t proactively react to changes in the weather, exchange rate fluctuation or large one-off events. Our entire outlook is based on your end customers’ behaviour, and how that relates to each individual cash desk and branch.

We understand cash

From Auckland to Seattle, from Tokyo to Aberdeen, we understand that cash demand is local. Every ATM, FX kiosk and bank branch has unique characteristics. Local demand profiles, local supply chain structures, site-specific factors, local regulations: the list of factors is endless. That’s why we build a model for each and every site in your network. Our service is sensitive to the day-by-day issues you will experience at sites throughout your estate.

Dedicated team

Building relationships with our clients is very important to us. For all our services, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager. We also have a specialist team available 24-hours a day to answer any queries you or your team may have.

We also develop relationships with your customer facing staff,
to enable the sharing of information to deliver greater results.

We will reduce the cost of your cash 

We are 100% confident we can reduce the cost of your cash. We’ll put our fee on the line to prove it.