Keeping apace of changes in the cash industry, CMS regularly produces white papers and market reports to keep you updated on market developments that may affect your business.

Outsourcing Your Cash Management

The first in a series of new white papers created and published by Cash Management solutions. Our first white paper looks into outsourcing your cash management and how to overcome the obstacles

Choosing Armored Transport Partners

Armored Transport markets the world over display traits typical of capital intensive industries: long periods of low competition, high prices and a lack of innovation, interspersed with shorter periods of naively aggressive price wars.

Ten Rules of Effective ATM Cash Management

By following these rules, the cost of keeping ATMs adequately stocked can be dramatically reduced while improving the end user experience. These rules impact on all strategic aspects relevant to an ATM deployer and will also direct day-to-day operational processes. In other words, they form the core philosophy of ATM cash management.

Cash Office Technology

The allure of improved productivity is obvious but high costs, poor execution and a failure to replicate technology solutions successfully operated in other countries has meant limited take up. All this is now changing and the time is right for retailers to take another look at cash automation.

Travel Money Pricing

This whitepaper demonstrates how travel money retailers can use mathematical and economic data analytics to construct dynamic pricing models and boost profitability.

The Four Pillars of Effective Cash Management

In this white paper we outline strategies to improve the Four Pillars of cash management; Cash holdings, cash logistics, availability and residuals. We begin with the Cash Operations Audit. By benchmarking your performance against best practice, you'll be able to discover ways to radically improve your cash operations.