Single and multi currency ATMs

Our ATM solutions manage all key aspects of the cash cycle for fully managed and self-fill ATMs including:

  • The full cash cycle from order-to-ATM and ATM-to-cash centre
  • The scheduling of cash cycle replenishments with the right amount at the right time
  • Balancing, reconciliation & interest costs

A unique solution fitted to your own data & parameters

Each system is bespoke, created to fit your own data and parameters. Our mathematicians optimise the balances for each individual ATM: reducing your costs and risk. This isn't about applying standard forecasting techniques; it's about using smart mathematics to make logical decisions.

Fully optimised operations

A key aspect of our service lies in optimising your daily cash in transit (CIT) arrangements. We understand the relationships with CIT providers and work with them to ensure they're meeting your requirements effectively. By doing this we can reduce your costs, optimise your delivery schedules and reduce the need for emergency cash replenishments.