Branch Cash

On average, our systems reduce our clients' cash balances by around 30% whilst maintaining and improving availability. We also speed up operational processes and free up internal resource.

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How Accurate Are Your Processes?

Managing cash across retail branch networks is a difficult challenge.

Branch cashiers like to ensure that they have lots of cash available, and the ebb & flow of deposits and withdrawals present constant problems. Factors such as the quality of notes, coin management, till floats and the need to ensure personal customer satisfaction all need to be accounted for.

We believe that developing a strong relationship with your branch cashiers is extremely important in order to capture their trust and respect.

The Benefits

Our cash management system generates accurate order recommendations for each of your sites, across all denominations, so you can maintain optimal balances and reduce excess cash. The benefits include:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced risk by ensuring safe limits aren't exceeded
  • Reduced cash balances
  • Reduced cash in transit collections
  • Streamlined order process
  • Less administration time.