The Technology

Creating a unique model for each and every site & currency

We don’t just build a bespoke system; we build a unique model for every ATM, FX kiosk or branch in your network.

Some of the factors we take into account include: CMS Software

  • Availability
  • Competitor location
  • Interest opportunity costs
  • Denominations
  • CIT schedules
  • Reconciliation
  • Exchange rates
  • Sell off recommendations
  • Insurance limits
  • Hour-by-hour demand profile.

This cloud-based system streamlines the ordering and management of cash and currency and automatically generates order recommendations, making it easy to amend your orders. 

Our software is built with standard industry interfaces (LINK V5) and has the following key features:

Reporting tool

CMS systems provide comprehensive management information reports. These include insights on an outlet-by-outlet basis, allowing you to closely monitor the performance of users, sites and Cash in Transit providers.

Summary MI (Management Information)

A quick summary is displayed on the home page, giving users a quick view of previous orders, sell offs and stock outs.

Events Calendar

This displays any significant upcoming events that may affect cash demand.

‘Increase Requests’ capability

For unexpected customer orders or a sudden reduction in cash balances, CMS has an ‘increase requests’ feature which allows you to quickly request an increase on the recommendation

Simple and easy to use systems for all your customer facing staff

The algorithms and formulas we use to create your software may be complex, but these translate into simple, easy-to-use systems. Our focus is always on making the interface extremely user friendly for your customer facing staff.